Professor Andrew J Morris M.Phys, PhD

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Professor of Computational Physics

Professor Andrew Morris, Director of Baskerville.

Andrew is Professor of Computational Physics at the University of Birmingham (UoB). He is Director of the UKRI Tier 2 Baskerville GPU Accelerated computer housed at UoB and Co-investigator of the UKRI Tier 2 Sulis high-throughput computer run by the HPC Midlands+ consortium. Within UoB he chairs the Research Computing Management committee and leads the materials simulation and modelling discussion group.

He is lead author of the OpenSource OptaDOS code, aiding fundamental characterization of materials for over 16 universities and national facilities within the UK, US, Canada, Japan, China and Israel. As Winton Advanced Research fellow at the University of Cambridge, he lectured on the MPhil in Scientific Computing and has been guest lecturer at the Annual CASTEP DFT Workshop at the University of Oxford since 2013. He is a founder member of the international OPTIMADE consortium which aims to make materials databases interoperable by developing a specification for a common REST API. He leads the AltTeX project, increasing access to LaTeX documents and lecture notes for the blind and partially sighted.